Wonderlux Bedding Collection

New and innovative range of Australian made premium quality bedding products, designed to appeal to the discerning homemaker and interior decorator.

Exclusive and premium quality made possible with new and dedicated state-of-the-art facility
* Piped finish – only by WonderFill in Australia
* Extra thick & puffy border

• Unique and innovative styles to suit Australian and International markets
• Australian grown raw materials
• Natural warmth and chemical free
• Wool Mark License
• 5 Years Guarantee
• Australian made
Non-Woven “Wool … fibre of gods” – CSIRO –

▣ CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) and AWI (the oolmark company) regards wool fibre as “Fibre of gods” and its unique natural properties are still being revealed.
▣ Unique Qualities of Australian Wool
• Resilience
– wool fibres are shaped in helical crimps which contributes to its resilience and softness
• Water resistant
– it is naturally hydrophobic due to the keratin layer on the outer surface
• Fire resistant
– a fabric made entirely of wool is difficult to ignite, burns slowly, and has limited ability to sustain a flame
• Elastic
– its elasticity means wool garments can fit well and yield to body movement.
• Moisture retention
– wool can store water vapour up to 35% of its own weight which allows your body to breathe, yet never feel damp and clammy and speeds up the body’s own cooling system.
• Easy to dye
– the scales on the surface of the wool fibre end to diffuse light giving less reflection and a softer colour.
• Thermal
– Wool can retain heat and trap pockets of warm air between the layers of its spiral fibre.
• Durable – the interlocking protein molecules within wool fibres have the power to elongate, stretch and recover, creating an extremely robust fabric that will last for years.
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