Feel comfortable and relax on WonderFill Ultra-Active Furniture Cushions!
Now you can avoid the sags by making sure you only choose furniture and furniture cushions made with WonderFill’s Ultra-Active Premium Fibre. It is designed so that cushions spring back again and again which results in furniture made with Ultra-Active fibres stays in its original shape much longer than others.
WonderFill Loft
Loft refers to height and measures the filling power of material. WonderFill’s higher loft produces fuller and fluffier cushions

WonderFill Recover
Recovery is the degree to which a material returns to its original shape and size after compression. WonderFill’s high receovery rate stands up to a lot of sitting down.

WonderFill Consistency
Consistency is the lasting quality of a material. WonderFill Fibre resis to any loss of physical properties as a result of wear and stress.

Furniture Cushions for manufacturers and upholsterers
We custom design our cushion inserts exclusively for furniture manufacturers and upholsterers

Back Cushions
Seat Cushions
Scatters and Bolster
Custom Shapes
Feather Blend Cushions
We specialise in following styles in sizes and shapes to your design

– Back Cushion
– Seat Cushion
– Wrap Seat Cushion
– Overlay Seat Cushion
– Fly Seat Cushions- Scatters Bolsters

Feather/Poly (50:50) Wrap Seat Cushion
Feather/Poly (50:50) Back Cushion
Feather/Poly (50:50) Scatter Cushion
Polyester Fibre Cushionss
We specialise in following styles in sizes and shapes to your design with WonderFill’s Ultra-Active premium fibre

– Back Cushion
– Seat Cushion
– Scatters & Bolsters

Filling blends available

– Back Cushion
– Seat Cushion
– Scatters & Bolsters

Popular configuration

Polyester Fibre Seat Cushion
Polyester Fibre Back Cushion
Polyester Fibre Scatter Cushion
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